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Assignment 2 | Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Site Survery

  • Site evaluation plan
  • Outline/sketch plan
  • Specification Document
  • Planting plans
  • Client Brief

  • Functional diagram plan
  • Section/elevation
  • Layout Plans (to include spot heights, drainage and paving detail)
  • Key Plans
  • Assignment 2

    Students will complete project 2 in the same manner as project 1 with the additional use of Survey Analysis and Design concepts (S.A.D). Students will survey the site as before but produce an additional site evaluation plan. Using this information, they will produce functional diagrams for the site and its layout. With this information a sketch plan will be produced. Having completed this, they will produce a Key plan and layout drawings containing spot heights, dimensions and specification on paving materials and construction detailing.

    Intermediate CAD Workshop
    Business Management workshop (Optional) 3 day intensive workshop based at TBAC in Oxford. Taught by leading business managers, student will have the opportunity to attend this business courses design to give them the best head start to their new career.

    Research Project 2

    Students will produce a hard landscape portfolio comprising of 10 constructions with full accompanying specification.

    Aim - To develop an understanding of how landscape elements are constructed and to enable students to provide the contractor with specific graphical design instructions.

    Garden elements will be organised in the following categories:

  • Surfaces (vehicular, pedestrian, in-situ, flexible, ridged.)
  • Enclosures (walls, fences, trellis, gates)
  • Level changes (steps, ramps, retaining walls)
  • Structures (pergolas, arbours, gazebos)
  • Landscape materials used will be brick, stone, concrete, timber and/or others such as plastic, metal, canvas, etc.
  • Bespoke portfolio

    Students will be asked to design 4 bespoke examples of the following structures:

  • Water Features
  • Pergolas
  • Garden Furniture
  • Sculpture
  • Enclosures
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