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Assignment 3 | Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Site Survery

  • Site evaluation plan
  • Outline/sketch plan
  • Contour Plan
  • Specification
  • Planting plan
  • Client Brief

  • Functional diagram plan
  • Section/elevation
  • Layout Plans
  • Key Plans
  • Full business correspondence
  • Assignment 3

    Design project 3 is as above with the students having to produce full plans and details for the whole site to include construction details, specification documents, costings and schedules of work. Full planting plans will be required. These will include a plant list containing descriptions, maintenance information and plant numbers to facilitate ordering.

    Advanced CAD WorkshopGarden Photography Workshop
    Photographer of the year 2000, Clive Nichols runs this course and is a must for serious garden and plant photographers who want to see their work in print. Day one begins with a stimulating lecture on how to improve your photography. You will then have the opportunity to put these ideas into practice On day two , Clive will show you how to present your photographs professionally and how to market yourself and your work to various media ie. magazines, calendar and greeting card publishers.

    Research Project 3

    Soft Landscape Portfolio - Comprising of plant groupings which demonstrate:

  • Colour Theory
  • Complimentary groupings
  • Texture and Form
  • Seasonal Interest
  • Companion Planting
  • Geographical Origin
  • North American Climatic Zones
  • European Climatic Zones
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Layout Composition
  • This will be an integral part of your professional portfolio acting as a sales and marketing tool.

    Final Exam

    Written professional practice exam covering all aspects of the profession.

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